The Night Driver: Epilogue

One sighed, rubbing his eyes as he waited for Arnold to say something. He had just told him that they found the cartridge and all of the details that followed. He knew Arnold was still processing everything he had told him, mulling it over in that mysterious mind of his, but he didn’t think it would take this long for him to say something.


Arnold’s eyes were blank as he stared down at his hands, long fingers folded neatly beneath one antoher. “And the cartridge has been returned?”


“Yes. The professors have put it back where it belongs.”


“That’s good.” Arnold said, nodding his head. He stood up from his seat at the center table and turned to look at his second in command. “Good work.”


One watched as he moved away from him, a question at his tongue. After momentarily battling with the possible consquences of his actions, One said, “Wait.”


Arnold immediately stopped and turned around. He raised a brow before gesturing for him to continue.


“If you don’t mind me asking, why was that cartridge so important to you?”


Arnold smiled one of those smiles that mesmerized everyone in the room.One noted, however, that it was twinged with a kind of sadness that another couldn’t understand. A personal sadness.


“It belonged to my wife.”


One stepped back slightly. “You have a wife?”


“I did.” Arnold smiled once more before going up the stairs to his office.


And One let him go.



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