The Night Driver: Four and Five

“It’s really pretty here.” Four said offhandedly as the two entered the Convergence Center.


Futuristic in nature, the white interior of the building provided a calming atmosphere as various college students went about their business. Apple computers and large TVs lined the first floor of the building with stairs leading up to the second floor off to the side. A man sat at a desk next to the stairs, typing away at whatever he was doing. A woman was chattering on and on to him as he feigned interest, glancing up at Four and Five only once.

“At least we look like college students.” Four smiled as the duo stepped to the side.


“It seems like anyone can come in.” Five said absently, eyes roaming over every nook and corner.


“That’s good for us I suppose.” Four replied. “Come on let’s go ask the man at the desk where the cartridge was held.”


Not even waiting for his companion to reply, Four took Five’s hand and led them over to the desk. The talkative woman noticed their approach and stepped away.


The desk worker looked the two up and down before saying, “What can I do for you?”


“Would you possibly know where one would find…I don’t know…vintage video game consoles?” Four asked, waving his hands around like a madman.


“Oh you should check out the console living room. Yeah, its like a blast to the past. It’s on the fourth floor. Just take the elevator up.” He said, pointing at its location to the side.


“Thank you.”


“This is so retro. It’s amazing.” Four smiled, stepping into the room.


Lined with mock wooden panels, the room was filled with a variety of old school video game consoles, cartridges and movies. Some students were huddled by an old color TV, whispering angrily about the dog from Duck Hunt.


A young man was stood off in the corner watching them in amusement. He was tall and lean with a mop of brown hair atop his head, glasses perched at his nose. At the arrival of the council members, he smiled and walked towards them.


“Oh hey.” He said, looking them both over. “I don’t- I don’t think I’ve ever seen you guys in here. How’d you find out about the place?”




“We have a mutual friend who donated a game to this exhibit.” Five said for his companion.


“Really? Which one?” He asked, bouncing with excitement.


“The Night Driver,”


“Oh yeah.” He said, biting his lip and stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “We’ve kinda-kinda had an incident with that. You see, someone took it.”


“We know. We’re trying to find it.” Four smiled.


“Oh! Then, you should talk to Professor Groom- uh, Jim Groom. He and I made up this little exhibit. Well, not just us. But he’s the one to talk to. Whoever took it left some weird message. I don’t know, it’s kinda like an old murder-mystery. I’m Zach Whalen by the way. I teach here too.”


“It’s nice to meet you, professor. Do you know where we can find Professor Groom?”


“He should be in the Digital Knowledge Center just down the hall.”


“Thank you.” Four smiled as he shared a glance with Five. The two left the room in search of Jim Groom.


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