The Night Driver: Genesis

“He’s been staring at that wall for quite some time now.” Three said softly, wringing his hands nervously.


Five made a grunt of acknowledgement, eyes returning to his leader.


Arnold sat rigidly at the council table, gaze fixed on the wall opposite him. No expression graced his features, no smile, no frown, only quiet contemplation. His hands were folded into one another, neatly at his lap. Three out of his five council members were stood together at the entrance to the Chamber, wondering what had become of their leader.


“Maybe we should say something?” Four suggested.


“I tried that. He wouldn’t budge.” One said, moving in from the darkness of the long hallway they were in front of.


“What brought this on?” Four asked, eyes glancing up to meet Five’s.


“He lost something. A cartridge or something like that.”


“Like a printer?” Two laughed from behind One. Three and Four jumped in surprise. None of them had noticed his arrival. “He needs to get his priorities straight.”


“No, not a printer cartridge.” One replied, rolling his eyes at the man. “A video game cartridge.”

“Ha! That’s even better.” He laughed even louder.


“It’s not funny, Two.” Four sighed. “Why is he so worked up about this?”


One shrugged his shoulders as he inspected his nails. “He won’t say.”


“Well go find out.” Two hissed, nudging the man slightly.



“I kind of agree with him.” Four sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.


Three nodded gently and Five raised an eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders.


“Fine.” One breathed out, sparing a glare to all four of them.


He adjusted his icy blue robe before sauntering towards Arnold, languidly reaching his hand out to touch the table. One tilted his head slightly as he gazed down at his master. Arnold neither turned his head towards him nor registered his existence. And he didn’t exactly like that.


He knew the other four were watching him intently, patiently waiting for their leader to make any sort of move.


So, One decided to oblige them by leaning down and whispering, “Leader Winter?”




“You know, throwing this little tantrum won’t solve anything, Master.” One said softly. “Let us help you. That’s what we’re here for.”


Arnold remained silent for another long moment, so long that One thought to stand back up. However, Arnold finally turned his head towards him and he heard an audible gasp from the other side of the room. It was probably Three. While his face remained blank, Arnold’s eyes blazed with a rage One could barely try to comprehend. Whatever was bothering him about the cartridge had to be big.


Arnold licked his lips before finally speaking. “I desire a cartridge that has been stolen from an institution I had entrusted it to.”


“Alright,” One said as he straightened up. “What do you want us to do?”


“I’ll tell you more later. In the meantime, please inform our loyal council members to go back to doing something useful.”


One smirked as he watched Arnold stand up. The lean man rolled his shoulders with a sigh and backed up from the table. He disappeared up a set of stairs that lined the perimeter of the domed room and moved into his office.


One turned back to his fellow council members and rolled his eyes when he saw Three and Four staring at him so blatantly. This cartridge business better be worth it.

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