The Night Driver: The Entrance

“I mean, I heard some girl say Campus Walk used to be an actual road. Service vehicles still drive around and they’ve got to be hella careful unless they want to run someone over. I-I could be wrong though. I’m not 100% on this and I-”


“It’s fine, Three.” Five sighed, scratching the back of his neck.


“Thank you for coming.” Four smiled at the nervous gentleman.


“One and Two are here too. Yay!” Two said high pitched, mimicking Four’s voice.

The Five men stood before the Convergence Center, the night air crisp at their shoulders. Various lanterns dotted the walkway, painting it in an auburn light. Much of the campus was barren probably because people were in their dorms or in class. It had been Three’s idea to avoid the change between classes. After discussing the strange poem’s words, the men decided to regroup and follow up on their findings. Two mentioned Layla, Four and Five added Professors Groom and Whalen and Intern Mike Black, and Three added his insight into the poem. He mentioned Campus Walk and now here the men stood, at an impasse.


“What now? We walk around until Scooby-Doo here finds something interesting?” Two asked, elbowing Three.


“Actually,” One began, clearing his throat before continuing. “I’ve done a bit of research on this school and found there to be tunnels underneath the actual pathway. This ‘images that memory forgot’ had me puzzled for a moment before realizing that this school, like all others, must have a history. Old tunnels used to connect the buildings together before they were shut down for being unsafe and all that good stuff. The phrase ‘memory forgot’ made me think that the cartridge had something to do with these tunnels.”


“And pray tell, where are these tunnels?” Two sighed.


“One entrance is in that building there.” One pointed a lean finger at a building just beyond the library and its enormous arch. It was attached to the long, covered surface tunnel just to their left. “However, it’s locked.”


Two grinned. “Leave that to me.”



They arrived at the building known as The Eagle’s Nest. The lights appeared to be off and no one was seen inside. After a showy display, Two extended a lockpick from within his sleeve and opened a side door. He received several disapproving looks and he steadily ignored them as they walked by. The interior of the building was dim, lit only by the glow of the various neon signs atop each food place.


“It should be up here.” One mumbled absently, eyes roaming over every nook and cranny. After going around the corner to the right twice, the quintet found a door blocked up by red tape, marking an X in danger.


“So…who’s gonna open it?” Four asked jokingly.


A silence filled the air before Five sighed and pushed past the others. He touched his hand to where the knob should have been and frowned. He slid his fingers around the seams of the door and found an acceptable hold. He yanked the door open, startling Three and Four, and it fell to the ground beside them. Inside, a dark staircase disappeared into a pitch blackness that sent a chill over the entire party.


“So…who’s going in first?” Four laughed nervously.


Five moved to step through but was soon stopped by a hand grabbing at his arm. He turned to find Four looking up at him earnestly. The younger man cast a glance over the rest of his companions before saying, “Be careful.”


Five nodded and stepped through.




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