The Night Driver: The Mission

“All of you have particular skills that make you valued members of this humble council. I need those skills for this…incident that has struck me so personally. I cannot tell you why because I fear you will think little of me for my reaction. But I must ask for your assistance in this matter.” Arnold finished, smoothing down the wrinkles on his waistcoat.


The other members of the council stood before him, quietly listening and absorbing everything he had told them. One and Three stood in somber contemplation as they listened to their master voice his concerns. Two was leaned against the wall, eyebrow raised as if to question everything Arnold was saying. Four and Five were standing close together and turned inward towards each other. The members waited to speak after making sure Arnold was done.


“This is all for an old video game cartridge?” Two asked from his spot against the wall, arms crossed over his chest.




Two shrugged. “Alright, whatever.”


“What do you want us to do?” One asked after giving Two a long glare.


“I need Four and Five to investigate the security of the building the cartridge was housed in. It was in a building known as The Information and Technology Convergence Center on the Fredericksburg campus of The University of Mary Washington.”


“We’re heading to Virginia? Yes!” Four cheered as he grinned up at Five.


“Three, once Four and Five return from their field work I need you to come up with ideas to improve the security of the building. I will be returning the cartridge to that institution and I do not want it to disappear that easily again.”


The young man smiled and bowed slightly.


“Two, I need you to get into contact with Marcus Harvard and ‘persuade’ him to speak to Ms. Layla Arkwood on the matter. I don’t know who did it but I have a feeling she knows something about it.”


Two shrugged his shoulders as Arnold turned to One.


“And One, I need you to make sure this will never happen again. Do whatever it takes.” The two shared a long look before One turned away.




“I appreciate all of your cooperation.” Arnold smiled.


“Oh come on, Leader. You know we’ll do anything for you. Besides it would be one less Defiler in the world.” Four smiled uneasily.


Arnold gave all of them a long bow before dismissing them. There would be a lot of work to do.

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