The Night Driver: The Perpetrator

The council members had decided to return to the Console Living Room in the morning given the fact that it had been close to 3 in the morning. Arriving at the location on a  new day, students were scattered about on the couches and the ground, playing a number of retro games. Stood in the corner was none other than Professor Whalen watching his students interact with the devices.  He noticed the group’s arrival and flashed them a tentative smile.


“Hey! You’re back.” He said as he stepped towards them, eying both Four and Five.


“They’ve been helping us with the case.” Four smiled, gesturing towards the others.


“O-Oh. So, any luck? D-Did you find it?”


“We did indeed.” One said. His voice was a level of forced civility.


Three presented the cartridge to the professor and Whalen took it gingerly.


“Why did you take it?” Five asked bluntly, recieving a hit from Four.


“I…I-I,” Professor Whalen stopped himself. “Groom was supposed to do all the finding. In all honesty, I didn’t think he would pay other people to find it.”


“And why was this fiasco started in the first place?” One sighed.


“Groom teaches a class on Noir. You know, black and white colors and detectives and such. One day, he made an offhanded comment saying that perhaps Noir didn’t exist in real life. So, I wanted to show him that it did. Night Driver being donated to us was a timely coincidence.”  Whalen said softly, scratching his head in embarassment.


“All of this was to…” Two didn’t even bother continuing. “This is ridiculous. What a waste of fucking time.”


“W-Well, you can answer this for me instead of Groom. Does Noir exist in real life?”


The quintet remained silent for a moment, all deep within their own minds digging for the answer. They reflected on the events that had transpired, the mission briefing, the investigation, the suspects, the accusations. There really could only be one answer.


“I-I suppose so.” Three said quietly, a small smile on his face.


“Then this was a success. Though, I’m really sorry to have wasted your time.” Whalen said apologetically.


“It’s fine.” One sighed. “As long as this little journey is over.”


“Hell the fuck no it’s not fine.” Two mumbled to himself.


“Let’s just go and tell Professor Groom that the case is solved and let’s get out of here.” Four said, grinning despite his frustration.

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