Our Beginnings

One evening, when the stars were aligned with the gods, Arnold Winter had been visited by a golden figure illuminated by thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom.


It said unto him, “Utopia.”


And he replied, “Utopia?”


“This world can be saved. This world can reach transcendence.”


“How?” He rushed out, for Arnold had spent years wishing for a perfect world. A world that saw only light.


“It cannot reach enlightenment with these inhabitants. For Utopia cannot form while those of darker intentions exist.”


“How can we resolve this?”


“Utopia cannot form while those of darker intentions exist.” It repeated.


“I must rid the world of these dark creatures, these Defilers.” He said resolutely. “But I cannot do it alone.”


“I give you the names of five men who share your conviction. Find them and make them join you. Though, know that I have only appeared to you for you hold the power to change this world.”


“I will do as I must.”


And he did. For Arnold found those five men and they formed what is now known as The Winter Association.


Our journey towards Utopia had begun.

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