See What We’ve Done

Our goal is to rid the world of those of darker intentions. Only then will we begin to reach Utopia. Thus, we have begun our journey with corrupt members of power. These include but are not limited to mobsters, politicians, world leaders and celebrities. Understand that not all people within these categories are Defilers. We seek out only those that live in the darkness. Also understand that the below list is not complete nor is it concrete. Additionally, this only pertains to those within the United States given that other chapters of The Association are handling their respective regions. Those struck through have been dealt with. Those unbolded have or had the potential to return to the light. Those that are bold cannot and must be handled accordingly.


Michael Preston              Arthur Pennington             Katherine Pierce

Annabel Leelon                     Richard  Arnolds                  Lucious Tyger 

Jennifer Amons               Duke Cupson                              Nena Harwood

Shadow                                 Abisa Luice                            Jonathan Ambers

Harrison Mathews               Cameron Finn                       Devon Bay

Leonardo Auditore               Malik Burch                          Connor Davenport

James Black                           Kendra Tash                         Tymonique Dy

James Goodwin               Anna Billingsely                   Abby Crane

Jimmy Winchester              Anastasia Kanurin                      Cecilia Alva

Layla Arkwood                Milney Sidford                        Seto Moto

Christian Arkwood       Vincenzo DeMartino           Cleo Barrow

Terrence Arkwood              Asia Farrows                           Cain Messa

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